Sample Essay

Human resource is a very detailed field and consists of a wide range of tasks. Designing the job description is one of them. What is a job description?  It is a list of duties which the organization expects an employee to complete. The duties are not restricted to these tasks and expectations change with the change in requirements. The job description is designed when a company has a vacant position or an employee is being transferred from one department to the other. Along with the human resource manager, the concerned line manager also makes his contribution in deciding the tasks.

Consider that the company is seeking a financial analyst. Thus, the human resource manager and the finance manager would be involved in a meeting.  The finance manger would be responsible to provide the technical details as the analyst would be hired for his department. Job descriptions go through checking and modifications before being finalized.  The line manager may add or remove duties according to his requirements.

When an employee is finalized, the job description is discussed with him.  He may be given a chance to negotiate and get some of the duties changed.  This list if of tasks is designed after considering academic qualifications and experience. As the experience and qualifications increase, the number of duties increase and the job description becomes tougher.

Every organization has a different format to design this list of duties. However, the job description is distributed into two main components. These include the tasks to be performed and expected technical skills.

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