Sample Essay

The objectives of the dissertation that have been set out pertain to the following:

  • To determine the degree and of change that is required by the UTC Plc Kaduna State Branch for its operations and marketing strategy in Nigeria to better target the local market in the region.
  • The associations amongst the culture of the region, the social, economic, political, and legal and the technological environment will be identified specific to their effect on the marketing strategies that can be employed for UTC Plc Kaduna State Branch.

  • To identify the effectiveness and the impact of the current marketing strategy that used by UTC Plc KadunaState Branch specific to its strategy for positioning in the local market and establishing its brand awareness.
  • To research and analyse the marketing strategies of Wal-Mart, ASDA and Tesco specific to how they brand their products, their companies and establish a position for them in the global retail industry and target the market.
  • To provide recommendations for the marketing strategy and the operations of the UTC Plc Kaduna State Branch to improve its market position in the Nigerian market

The research questions that have been devised for this dissertation pertain to the following:

  1. Seek to identify and comprehend the associations amongst culture and marketing for consumer and apply it to the Nigerian retail market.
  2. Identifying the marketing tactics that one can use in retail market
  3. Understand how a retail marketer can excel in a competing environment
  4. Enlightening the general public on the marketing programs that are being adopted by retail institutions like the UTC Plc

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