Sample Essay

The Segway was a new idea that needed to be launched into the market while creating a niche for itself and creating demand for the product. In order to market the product properly the company should have targeted the main target market of the company to whom the product would appeal to.For this the company could have launched a brand activation program which encouraged the people on the streets to sample a ride on the Segway and appraise its appeal and advantages. Moreover the economic and eco friendly nature of the machine could also be highlighted focusing on appealing the environmentally conscious consumers in the market. Similarly these documentaries could be made into slice if life style advertisements for mass marketing making the product much easier for the target market to relate to and perceive as a part of their lives. Aside from this the company could also have employed a much better regulated pricing strategy. As the product being launched, Segway, was a new product focused on creating market for itself, the company should have employed a penetrating pricing strategy.

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