Sample Essay

The First Choice Airline is an airline service targeted at a niche market for air travel which pertains to holiday based travel mostly to and from the UKand European countries. The company however has established operations in countries in North Americaas well as in Asiaand the Far East. The company has been able to employ service branding strategies and has as a result established its service based products as First Choice brands for holiday and tourism oriented travel. However, in context of service brands it is important to establish evolving relationships with the customers, and provide them with loyalty programs and added value services to retain then and promote word of mouth for marketing the brand.

 The differentiation of the services provided by the First Choice Company pertains to the convenient booking and managing of travel plans through the internet via internet flight booking and the provision of travel service like insurance, tour management and travel planning provided by experts at the first choice company. This helps in personalizing the service for the customers, enabling in differentiation the service brand from other sin the market.

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