Sample Essay

Macbeth is one of the finest efforts by the legend William Shakespeare. The story unfolds the plot of a brave soldier who carries the highest level of loyalty for his country. He fights some of the toughest battles for his nation and wins them. Things take a complete twist in his life when he is returning after winning a battle. He is stopped by three witches who predict that Macbeth would be the next kind after King Duncan. At that point of time, Macbeth does not take them seriously as his nation is busy celebrating for their war victory.  However when he goes to sleep, he is in a different frame of mind.  The envy rises in him and he shares his dream with his life.

The attitude of King Duncan was very pleasant with Macbeth and he treated him like his son. However, this does not have any effect on his conscience and he is prepared to do anything to get the throne.  He takes a chance and stabs the king to death. The king bleeds to death and Macbeth is named the next king.

Once he occupies the throne, his dirty past does not leave him and keeps haunting him. He starts seeing bloody images of the king.  This condition does not remain hidden and his partner Banquet comes to know everything. To hide the reality from others and to retain the throne, Macbeth murders Banquet as well. This is another example of a spineless human being who does not even think once before murdering his best friend.

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