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All three Leut tend to situate their colonies in rather remote locations. They prefer to be at а distance from well-traveled highways. They also frequently shield their colonies from both the weather and their non-Hutterian neighbors with а fronting grove of trees, or by placing themselves behind а hill or in а secluded valley. It is not uncommon for а person to pass through an area containing а number of Hutterite colonies without ever being aware of their presence even if one knows what to look for (Graber1-3).

                Until their dispersal from their common home inSouth Dakotawell over one hundred years ago, there was little to differentiate one Leut from another. Today they form three distinct groups with an ever-increasing biological isolation and both social and physical distance. What remains true is that all three groups have withstood the challenges to their existence and have remained steadfastly committed to their determination to hold all things in common. They are а resilient people and have successfully retained their unique commitment to biblically enjoined communalism for nearly 500 years (Others Among Us, Photographs of Amish, Hutterites and Mennonites. 1-6). They continue to expand and flourish at а rapid rate, and there seems to be no threat or condition at the present time that would cause one to predict their demise in the near or foreseeable future.

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