Sample Essay

Most of the services being provided by businesses and companies to the customers do not different much, as a result the business should stress on relevance rather than differentiation of the service brand in the market. As a result for service brand, the company needs to know their customers and establish a common ground with them from where they can brand and market their service. This aids in establishing a much more firm and successful service brand.

Aside from this service brand are more oriented towards revenue than increasing the market share as he market being integrated with service brands is often very niche in nature. Moreover the premium quality of the brand and the service allows the company to charge premium pricing.   However the most important aspect of services branding is that the company has to be customer oriented and integrated with the service they are providing. This is because a service cannot be touch and felt like a product and as a result customers need to be informed and educated about the service before they can adapt to it and become loyal to the service brand. However consumers who become loyal to the service brand are less likely to switch over to other service brand because of the experience, benefits and the value added services they received as well as the relationship that they have established with business.

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