Sample Essay

The story titled ‘The Chrysanthemums’ begins with a clichéd scene where the female lead is in the garden tending to the plants while the husband of the female is off trading and selling livestock to earn money. However the mannerisms, as well as the approach taken by Elise, the lead character, towards life are very male oriented. She lives in a male dominated society and as a result has created a specific place for herself in it where she can be herself.

The other piece of literature being discussed pertains to ‘A Rose for Emily’ which is a story by William Faulkner which describes the life of a woman after the death of her family and the dissertation of her friends. The story is about a female named Emily whose father dies of natural causes and she is left with little money except her house and an African American manservant. The Manservant is a loyal person who stays by Emily’s side till her own death. The story itself however is centered on the event of Emily’s funeral where the neighbors and blood relations have come out of curiosity as well as to pay their respect. The story as a result is depicted from their point of view about the lady Emily. It recounts her life as she lived it from an external perspective. The end of the story however reveals her beau to be dead for some years, possibly murdered by Emily herself.

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