Sample Essay

The character flavor of Lady Macbeth is a very good topic for literature students who are working on their research papers. Most readers fail to understand the importance of her character. Usually, wives stop their husbands from wrong doings.  However, Lady Macbeth supports her husband in all his bad deeds. When Macbeth tells her that three witches had stopped him and forecasted that he would be the next king, she does not stop from anything. Instead, she helps him in planning so that everything can be executed safely. Why does she help her husband in everything? This plan has a twofold purpose. First of all, she wants to see her husband as the most powerful person than a mere warrior. Apart from that, she has a strong desire to become the queen of the kingdom.

When you are writing a literature assignment on this topic, you need to analyze the thoughts of Lady Macbeth because they are not very clear.  The reader has to read between the lines to understand what she is thinking and planning. In addition to that, the author has provided different angles to her character even when it is brief. In some parts, she is ready to support her husband for anything. In other words, she does not sacrifice on her loyalty for anything.  Similarly, her personal greed and selfishness cannot be ignored as well.  Macbeth is an epic story of how ill thoughts can take a person off the right path.

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