Sample Essay

The boot camp programs cannot reduce recidivism to zero percent, but they can help in reducing the recidivism level only if strategic changes are made to the programs. A quasi-experimental research conducted on the boot camps in Maryland specifically HotSpot by Piquero depicted that the boot camps programs are not necessarily effective in reducing recidivism.

“Probationer’s level of “stakes in conformity” served to inhibit both measures of recidivism, suggesting that offenders with more social bonds were less likely to incur a re-arrest or citation for a technical violation” (Piquero, 2003). As a result if association with social bonds can be increased for the participants of the boot camp prison inmates, then the boot camp programs can have a better impact on reducing recidivism. Similar results are also depicted by other research as well on the effectiveness of boot camp programs. A research conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics depicts that recidivism levels are not particularly reduced through the boot camp method which only tends to increase population and crowing in the prisons. However if the stay of the inmates in the prisons and boot camp programs can be increased to longer periods, the inmates can be conditioned towards better behavioral patterns with a reduced change of re-arrest and relapse into criminal behavior (‘Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 1994’, 2002).

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