Sample Essay

Do you know that the management of an organization may terminate a manager if the project fails? The biggest reason for a project failure is time delay. Managers execute projects without making a time chart. Thus, they fail to complete the project on time. The schedule chart should be made according to scalability.  Some professionals make their time schedules unrealistically. For example, if you have to launch the marketing campaign of a product from scratch, you cannot complete it in a week or two.

Do not start working when you have made a time schedule? You need to get it approved by discussing it with the senior personnel. This is because the organization owners may be aware of the resources being used for a certain project. This includes both human and material resources. You need to be sure about the availability of your resources. It is better to use a less capable resource that has an assurance of completing the project than a highly capable one who may vanish.

Using automated tools for making schedules does make a difference. These days, no one has the time to make time tables on paper and then edit them manually.  Highly advanced project management applications are available through which time charts can be made and the resources used can be listed along with them. If you want to remove a resource or shift it to the next project, you can do it easily by clicking few buttons.

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