Sample Essay

The media promotions and marketing strategy of Tesco for the Thailand market had been to employ local branding and promotion based business to execute its promotions strategy while also gather information aboutv the consumers in the market to get to know more about them (Bakht, 2009).  Pertaining Tesco in China, an article in BBC reported that in 2007 Tesco made strategic attempts to localize the product offering as a way of sales promotion to target the consumers in China.

“Most of the products on sale are Chinese, including soy sauce, sheep’s feet and even live turtles. There is one rather forlorn aisle selling food from the United Kingdom, including sage-and-onion stuffing and mint jelly. A tin of baked beans and a bottle of Tesco’s brown sauce seemed to perplex the early customers” (Reynolds, 2007).

Similarly the Telegraph also reported on the operations of Tesco in China stating that the store ambiance and atmosphere was localized to  traditional Chinese shop/bazaar with the meat selections, food choices, spices and other grocery products customized to the specifications of local cuisine (‘Every little helps for Tesco in China’, 2009). This depicts that customization and localization of the product offering, store ambiance and promotion appeal are the main tactics being employed by Tesco in for increasing its sales in the region of China.

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