Sample Essay

The prerequisite for this assignment will be that the students know what things live in a certain habitat. The following are the directions of the learning activity in a sequential order:

1. Students will open the Kidspiration program

2. Choose to open a “Picture”

3. Delete the Main Idea symbol from the center of the screen

a. Click a blank area of the screen

b. Click the Main Idea symbol to select it

c. Press the Delete key on your keyboard

4. Click the Super Group icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen; pull down to choose Venn

5. Click and drag the Venn in the center to move it; click and drag a corner star to resize it. Move and resize it so that it fills most of the screen.

6. Change one label to “Pond” and change the other to “Swamp”

7. Look at the pictures in the symbol menu

8. If you see something that would live in a pond, drag it into the yellow circle

9. If you see something that would live in a swamp, drag it into the blue circle

If you see something that would live in either place, drag it into the green circle.

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