Sample Essay

The market for furniture products consists of the commercial market, the corporate and the consumer market. The product by Diverse Furnishings would be targeted towards the consumer market and the corporate market which consists of the households and business. The characteristics of consumer market are that they want products which provide comfort, and convenience, which are affordable and durable as well. The corporate market however wants furniture which is durable fashionable and portable at the same time. The multiple functionality of the furniture item is also a desired characteristic of furniture for them as they are often constrained for space.

The product is portable and diverse in its nature therefore it would be possible for us to sell the product to the customers, according to their requirements. Basic categories of the furniture will be launched in terms of indoor, outdoor and office furniture. The same basic furniture items will be upholstered, polished, painted and cushioned in different way to cater to the demand of the different markets. Aside from this the individual customers would also be able to approach us with their specific customization demands.

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