Sample Essay

In the chapter race and capture in the 19th century, the Iron Cage, the author Takani talks about the different races and cultures of the people residing in America. She stated that in the 1960s and 1970s the baby boomers arrived who were now in search of employment I order to support their families. While the average white family was able to considerably support themselves, the black families had to suffer high levels of unemployment and povertyThe chapter discusses the different factors which led to the black population in America to be undermined and suffer poverty while the immigrant and Asian American population thrived. The main reason depictured here was that the social support and financial support programs run by the government provided the black community with more choices for making their family and financial decisions. They focused on getting child support and financial aid, while for the Asian immigrants the aid was not openly available. As a result they started working overtime and longer hours. They also settled in the comparatively richer and higher cost of living based states which provided them with a better chance at employment. However what set them apart form the blacks was the fact that by the end of the century Asian Americans were now able to earn much more than the black, and in some cases even higher that the whites in their social class bracket. They were regarded as the model citizens.

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