Sample Essay

The pluralist relationship in an organization depicts presence of differing interests of the of the parties involved along with conflicts which are not possible to resolve without undertaking significant change to the business processes in the organization. Moreover the power situation in a pluralist organization is maintained at the top level of the company with limited authority on the different levels of the organization (Kuswara). These are depicted by the top management in the company which handles majority of the decision making in the company.

This clearly shows that company has a pluralist relationship amongst the participants involved in the issue while the organization itself is complex with multiple hierarchies and structures. As a result the pluralist-complex strategy based methodologies best suit the objective of resolving the issue highlighted above. The suitability and the justification of the Soft System methodology as a form of pluralist-complex strategies of system thinking can be further emphasized with the approach that that is taken by the methodology to be sensitive and target the issues that relate to the culture of the organization in order to achieve a cohesion through cultural metaphors while acknowledging the presence of the human resource in the origination to develop and empower them through the organic metaphors.

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