Sample Essay

The methodology that can be employed in order to resolve the highlighted issue identified in the problem section is the soft systems methodology. The soft systems methodology is a complex-pluralist methodology that acts on the assumption that there exists lack of agreement in terms of the goals and the objectives of the parties along with the existence of a complex system which is open to the environment (Jackson, 2000, p370). The Soft Systems Methodology is the approach taken to resolve business and organization problems by employing detailed process modeling.

The company has a complex system where it has a large number of elements as well as the numerous interactions within the employees which are often looped and repetitive due to the bureaucratic set up of the company and its management. Aside from this the system in the company has not been able to evolve with the changing environmental changes that have made the management development in the company stagnant. Another characteristic of the company is that the sub systems of the company are inherently independent but have not been allowed to operate in an independent manner due to the bureaucratic organizational culture and the stance of the top management of the company. These are the characteristics of a complex organization (Kuswara) which well defines the company profile and thus the complex derivative of the organization can be established.

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