Sample Essay

The soft systems methodology has seven stages incorporated in the approach. “The seven stages do not represent a single process which can be followed from start to finish, after which a ‘right’ answer will be obvious. These stages are stages in a process: the process may have to be repeated many times before a reasonable accommodation or agreement may be reached.” (‘Introduction to Soft Systems Methodology’)

As per the first stage the scenario the company is facing with the low motivation of the human resource and the ill fitting bureaucratic organizational culture at the company would be analyzed. The problem situation would be highlighted along with the main factors that are contributing to the issue. The roots for the problems would be identified as per the third stage of the SSM approach. Similarly the root definitions would be set up for how the company should operate in terms of its decision makes and involvement of its human resource in the decision making process. The conceptual models on the business processes and the decision making models would then be formulated based on the root definitions highlighted earlier. The fifth stage would see the models formulated being compared with the real world scenario for the proposed solution in order to determine the gaps that exist between the two. The changes that still need to be made would be noted at this point and the feasibility if making these changes would be established. Lastly the executable strategies would be employed to take action and implement the process models as set forward in the model building stage at the company in order to resolve the problems being faced by it.

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