Sample Essay

This option is sustainable over a limited period of time. It is possible to keep using this option for a period of 7-10 years, and then the option might have to change due to changes in the external and the internal environment of the company.This option is not sustainable over long period of time. This is because the management of the records by the company itself places additional burden, increasing the complexity of the business processes.

This option is sustainable over a longer period of time as the system can be updated through the upgrades available on the internet as well as those provided by the software manufacturing company. This makes it much more sustainable than the other options.

The option of conducting the record management activity as an internal activity of the business is highly risky as the competence of the activity, the efficiency and the performance is all questionable. Moreover the system would be due difficult to update. The glitches that might be present in the system can create delays for information upload and retrieval making it an expensive and non feasible option for the company

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