Sample Essay

Liquefied Petroleum Gas was considered as a waste byproduct of Petroleum and natural Gas extraction, and as a result was available in vast quantities. However now that the rising oil prices around the world have increased the cost of petroleum as a basic furl base, and the availability of the natural gas in Pakistan is hampered by the depletion of the Sui Gas reserve, people are now looking forward to LPG as a less expensive alternative to petroleum.

The market for liquefied petroleum gas has increased considerably and as a resultPakistanhas now lost its self sufficiency to provide its market with the LPG product to fulfill their demands. The increase in the demand for the LPG product is also due to its use in the industrial sector as well at homes as a bottled gas for cooking. However in order to meet the rising demand of LPG in the country,Pakistanhas had to import LPG form international sources.

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