Sample Essay

ShareNet has become successful as it was aggressively promoted and marketed by the company and the ShareNet consultants. Moreover incentives were also provided to the end users to use the product.

The main reason for the success of the product however was that it actually worked in the manner as it was supposed to, i.e. in a dynamic manner for a technology based diverse environment. The biggest challenge that ShareNet faces in moving forward into the future is that pertaining to the fact as to whether should the ShareNet knowledge network be set up and employed like a single large network with the many business and functions as its members or should the company divide it into subsidiary networks, one specific for each business and function. The best way to tackle this challenge faced by the company is to keep the product in the same form as it exists, while specific customized subsidiaries of the network can be formed and provided to businesses and functions who would like to have a smaller network like them. This provides the company with a diversified portfolio of products and services. The other challenges that are faced by the ShareNet pertain to the fact that in certain cases it becomes necessary and imminent to have the people physically travel to another location for the job.

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