Sample Essay

The Sears Company has also been involved in the revamp of its store format in 2006. The company mixed the formats of its two stores Kmart and Sears to provide the customers with the best of worlds at convenience. (Alan, 2006).

Sears has been selling on credit to increase its sales revenue as well and support its growth of profit levels. The company makes sales on credit to customers while also selling them specific lines of credit. This was a move by the company to reposition itself as a major broadband store instead of a simple departmental or a discount store. (Heller, 2002)  An extension of the lines of credit lines has evolved into the loyalty card and the branded credit card programs where the company sells its branded cards for credit to its customers. The Sears Company has also launched the Master Card Store card offering with the MasterCard Company. (‘Sears Shortens Marketing Leash’, 2003) The Sears Company has also launched marketing campaigns supported by an increase in the apparel offering and electronic lines to increase the amount of foot traffic in their stores. The increase in the foot traffic in the stores has been targeted by the company to increase the likelihood of impulse buys and cross selling in store as well as compete with the specialty retailers, the like of Target. (O’Loughlin, 2006)

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