Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Family Smoker Influence Members of the household openly smoke in front of the adolescents
Parents do not inform about the negative effects of smoking
Smoking is encourages by family members
Peer Smoking Influence The need to belong in a group or the cool crowd by taking up smoking
Social and casual smoking prompted by environment and friends
Encouragement of peers to smoke in their company
Targeted Advertising The glamorous appeal of the glossy magazine advertisements
The need to attain a certain image like a macho male or an independent females depicted in advertisements
Enforced advertising by cigarette manufacturers and distributors which makes cigarettes easily accessible top the adolescents.
Family Use of Substance Members of the family openly smoke and do not condone smoking to adolescents
Parents not condoning guests or people visiting to not smoke in the house or in the premises
Parents accepting the smoking habits of an elder sibling
Peer/ Friends are Users Everyone in the adolescents peer groups openly smokes
Friends and peers do not condone smoking
Friends and peers encourage smoking and expect the adolescent to do so as well.
Peer Pressure to Belong An introvert adolescent forced by lack of friends to take up smoking in order to belong to a group of friends
Friends and peers encourage smoking in order to accept the adolescent in their social group
Smoking used as condition by others to accept the adolescent in their social groups.


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