Sample Essay

In the instruments of data collection, i.e., the structured interviews and the survey questionnaires, the method of triangulation was used to pinpoint the issue and verify and validate the responses attained form the respondents. The method of triangulation allowed us to eliminate any discrepant information gathered by cross checking it with more questions on the questionnaire and in the interviews. Pilot testing for was also conducted for the questionnaire on a sample of 20 respondents.

This was conducted in order to gauge the efficiency and the effectiveness of the questionnaire and to determine the average response rate. Aside from the primary data collected, secondary data sources were also utilized as they provided access to sources of information on the topic which were already gathered and could provide insight onto the issue. The issue of glass ceiling barriers for women in the corporate world are extensively debated and researched upon, and the literature review of the secondary sources of information allowed us to present and make since of the primary data available to us.

The data for the literature review was analyzed in terms of the topic and issue at hand regarding barriers for women in employment and glass ceiling for leadership positions in case of women seeking promotion and better pay. The analysis was conducted in the qualitative form. The data analysis for the questionnaire however was both qualitative and quantitative in nature with statistical extrapolation and reference modeling

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