Sample Essay

The main strengths of the company has been that the company has dominated the lighting and fixtures market by providing the customers with high end, superior quality based technological products. However the company has been focusing on manufacturing in bulk, while then market trends indicate that the market is getting more fragmented and demanding a larger number of customized products.

The newer and smaller companies operating in the industry are able to adjust their operations according to the demand of the products, while Valkyrie Lighting Corporation is restricted by its size and inflexibility to adapt to the changes in the market. The supply chain therefore needs to be evaluated and developed in order to cater to the changing requirements of the target market for the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation.

Aside from these other problems that are faced by the company pertained to the delivery of the company’s products to its fluent in the different regions of the world globally. In the US, most of the orders were taken and processed through the EDI technology however in regions such as Europe, EDI technology is not much popular, and therefore it is difficult for the company to take orders from clients and deliver to them on a short notice.

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