Sample Essay

The strengths of the e-business operations of the company are embedded in the format and the portal which encompasses detailed information about all the products and services provided by the company to the target market and potential customers. The company has categorized its customers according to the industry type and the type of service that they seek from the company.

This makes the portal very customer friendly. The other strengths of the e-business model employed by the company relates to the information and the detailed interactive experience that the company provides for its different products. In terms of academic and industrial research data products and services provided by the company, the company has categorized the resources provided through the virtual library free of charge to customers on the relevant pages pertaining to their subject field. This makes it easy for the customers to access the information they seek and the data resources by simply heading towards the pages which pertain to the field regarding which they are seeking the data and academic resources.

A dedicated portion of the web portal is reserved for the virtual library, where the customers seeking the data and information based resources can directly search for them to access the material in a simple PDF or a HTML format which is applicable on most MAC and Windows systems. This is a major strength of the e-business model for the data and academic services provided by the First Data Corporation through their portal.

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