Sample Essay

Distribution Strategy

            In order to distribute the product in the market, retail outlets of Diverse Furniture would be opened which would allow the customers to come in, check out the product and coordinate with us to set their customizations for their product. The basic categories however would also be made available at retail stores and malls like JC Penny’s, Wal-Mart and Sainsbury. Later on an online option for the venture will also be established, where it would be possible for us to provide the customers with the product through the online medium. They will be able to see a graphic outlook of their customization ion the product and will be able to place their orders through the net.


Promotional Strategy

            The promotion strategy for Diverse Furniture would include q branch launch at a mall which would introduce the product to the people. This will be supported by advertisements put on the outdoor media like billboards as well as other BTL media. The television ads will also be launched for advertising the product to the target market. In store advertisement and promotion would include point of sale promotion.

Through the analysis of the market and the demand put forward by the target market we have been able to identify that people in general require a inexpensive, portable, durable and a convenient solution for their furnishing problems. In this case it would be beneficial and profitable for the company to enter the furniture industry and launch its products to the target market.

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