Sample Essay

Retailers emphasize on customer satisfaction to build repeat business by encouraging repeat purchase from customers. The customers are influenced towards repeat purchase when they have an association or a loyalty to a retailer. A study by Jiang & Rosenbloom (2005) analysed the role that is played by the product price and the satisfaction of the customers at various stages.

Results of the research indicated that “after-delivery satisfaction has a much stronger influence on both overall customer satisfaction and intention to return than at-checkout satisfaction, and that price perception, when measured on a comparative basis, has a direct and positive effect on customer overall satisfaction and intention to return.” (Jiang & Rosenbloom, 2005) An analysis of the customer satisfaction ratings in six industries as conducted by Gilbert & Veloutsou (2006) provided that the industries of “finance and hospitality/sports entertainment were rated highest by their patrons. Those dealing with government, general retail and moderately priced fast food restaurants received lower service satisfaction ratings. Differences were also found among respondent characteristics (i.e. age, gender, education and ethnicity/race).” (Gilbert & Veloutsou, 2006)

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