Sample Essay

The strategic options that were available to the HKL Company in order to become competitive in the increasingly saturated real estate market in the Hong Kong region pertained to investing in new buildings and locations or sticking with the ones the company already had and building on its current portfolio while updating and maintaining it in order to make the assets much more sustainable and durable.

As per the case the HKL Company decided to stick with the offering that it was already offering to its customers and simply invest in its current portfolio. This was mostly because of the key position the company held in the market as being one of the most established and old business in the region in the real-estate industry. Additionally the portfolio of the company was focused on central but the company was facing problems in terms of competition due to the aging and increasing depreciation of its properties. The company as a result sought to update, renovate, and remodel through reengineering the existing properties that could be salvaged while the others which were very outdates and could not be invested upon were demolished. The company then built new sky rises, and shopping complexes to contribute to its current offering in the portfolio targeting the Central.

Aside from this the HKL Company also took up the strategic option of branding the Central after itself and investing heavily in the cultural viability of the region and the economy that it derives for the retailers, the businesses as well as its economic contribution to the economy of Hong Kong.

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