Sample Essay

Implementation is perhaps the last step of a marketing plan where all the strategies are in line to attack the market and are capable to make a difference.  But the main question is how this implementation plan is going to start, what are the resources available to the company and where it wants to launch its product or apply its marketing plan? The implementation requires all the stakeholders of the company to earn maximum on the marketing plan. For this purpose a particular set of workforce is required to achieve the strategic objective.

People from finance, operations and marketing will form a specific team to execute the implementation plan. It has to focus on one major aspect that is cost (kotler, Keller 13th Ed). Apple implements its strategic marketing plan for iphone in a different way. It first creates a market for the product based on the ideas we discussed above. Apple will incorporate its strategic partners in the implementation of a plan i.e. negotiating and restructuring AT&T’s exclusive provider rights. It will also focus on other national and international service providers. Right now apple is launching a new model after every 1 year through its multiple channels worldwide.

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