Sample Essay

The setting of the story is in the period of 1890s when the civil war was still fresh in the minds of the people and the aspect of black slavery and unequal rights for colored people were still prominent in the opinions of people depicted in the book. This is clearly evident by the adjectives and named used by the author to introduce and depict the presence of Ms. Emily’s manservant who was of African American origin.

The criticism on the story however is, that the story is more gothic than it appears. This Is mostly due to the fact that the story is based around an old and traditional environment where the mysterious behavior by Emily is depicted as horrific and unexpected in nature Aside from this the style of the houses and the opinions harbored by people also clearly indicate a very conservative society which is not appreciative of the differences of people. The story itself on the other hand is written in a very haphazard and disorganized manner by the author. This makes it a bit confusing to comprehend however on the whole it has a strong impact, specifically the ending of the story.

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