Sample Essay

The specifications for the Boeing 747 which were laid down in 1966 pertained to an intercontinental airliner which was cost effective and could carry large number of passengers at increased pressures in the air. The air traffic being Boeing 747 which came to be known as Jumbo 747 was extensive in quantity.

“The first model (747-100) entered commercial service with Pan Am in 1970 and took its maiden flight from New York to London. The 747 brought striking reductions in air travel costs through its still unsurpassed combination of speed, range and capacity. 1,341 Boeing 747 aircraft have been delivered.” (‘Boeing 747-400 Twin Aisle Jet Airliner,USA’, 2007)

As the project for Jumbo 747 was massive in size, it could not be manufactured at specific factory. As a result it was constructed in an onsite facility set up by Boeing in Everett near Seattle. This set up resembled an assembly line instead of a factory and suited the manufacturing and development process of the Jumbo 747.

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