Sample Essay

Argyle mentions in his book that “working class people have worse mental health than middle class people” (Argyle, 2004, p1). According to the development of the children as shown in the Up series, this stands true only to a point. The class system creates a boundary or guidelines of behavior as well aspirations for the people to follow but it is up the people in the classes to strive and persevere in order to change the way they are expected to grow up in the society.

This was depicted in the movie, John, Charles and Andrew were three boys from the upper elite social class of Britain who were studying in an elite school in Kensington in London. When asked about their ambitions they replied very specifically that they wanted to go on to the specific colleges and schools of Oxford and Cambridge. In the follow up episodes however it was revealed that only two of them went on to go to Oxford and Cambridge while the third went on to University of Durham instead. Moreover the series also revealed that the environment around the child as well as their family status tends to have a direct effect on their lives.

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