Sample Essay

Despite the socio-cultural elements, the innovations and technologies that are present in the world of today have also significantly affected the experience of college for the students. These innovations pertain to the cell phones, MM Online Role Playing games, digital video compression, the internet, VoIP, Google & search engines. FTP and sharing applications, textbooks in the CD and DVD formats, laptops and printers, SMS texting, PDA and Tablet computers with touch screens, virtual environments for learning, web based applications, as well as TIVO, mini coffee makers, energy drinks, WIFI and Community based file sharing and communicating platforms like Facebook and MySpace.

The attainment and availability of these services and innovations however is totally dependent on the social status as well as the wealth that is deposable at the hands of the students. Infact these innovations tend to establish a university/ college culture for the students, setting a social standard for the students.

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