Sample Essay

Teen pregnancy as it related to schools is directly influenced by the school policy, the level of education, the lack of curriculum, lack of informed and knowledgeable professionals, lack of funds for materials and misinformed peer advice. The indirect factors that can lead to high rates of teen pregnancy as it relates to schools include sex amongst students considered as a taboo leading to no mention and discussion on the topic, no established sex education programs that highlight use of contraceptives of motivation for abstinence. Outdated and insufficient curriculum of the sex education programs that is present in schools. Moreover due to lack of funds and misinformation from peers on the chances of pregnancy when indulging in sexual activity amongst the adolescents can lead to high levels of teen pregnancies as well.

            Nutrition and fitness as it relates to peers is directly affected by lack of knowledge of the peers, their involvement in substance abuse, the family environment, role models of the adolescents and their peers as well as the attitude of the adolescents in their youth. The indirect factors regarding this health problem pertain to no education provided to the peers and adolescents by school or their parents about nutrition, fitness and healthy eating habits, and the lack of health concern in the family, the peer pressure to indulge in substance abuse. Unrealistic role models like athletes and glamorous divas and models can lead to unrealistic expectation from adolescents regarding their physique which can lead to malnutrition.

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