Sample Essay

The product of LPG is provided by The Shell Gas Pakistan Subsidiary of the company Shell Pakistan Limited. Shell GAS LPG is a public limited corporation which is formally listed on the notable stock trading bodies of Pakistan. These stock trading bodies pertain to the stock exchanges ofLahoreandKarachi. This subsidiary of Shell Pakistan was initially established inPakistanin 1966, however at that time it was launched under the corporate entity of Burshane Pakistan Limited. The Shell Company later on acquired the business of Burshane Pakistan Limited and named it as Shell Gas Pakistan LPG.


The business operations that are undertaken by Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) pertain to storing and filling the cylinder for liquid petroleum products like gas. Aside from this Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) is also involved in the marketing of the liquefied Petroleum Gas inPakistan. The first plant in the region for storing and filling cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas was set up the Burshane Pakistan Company in 1966. However since then as Shell Pakistan acquired the plant along with the business of Burshane Company, it was able to acquire the competitive advantage over other fir in the liquefied petroleum market by attaining the pioneering technology of the company through the consolidation.

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