Sample Essay

The IT facilities provided by the University include one of the most extensive and advanced e-learning facilities in the world. This includes the blackboard student portal for the students which provides a contact and communication facility for the students with their fellow students and professors. Moreover the IT staff provides supporting services to students on campus. Moreover there is wireless networking provided all across the university. The support staff provides the students with online tutorial for key skills in using the information technology based system for learning.

The Sheffield Hallam University has of choosing the most convenient accommodation. The on campus accommodation on campus as well as villas and independent housing facilities arranges off campus as well. The on campus accommodation is provided to the students compete with LAN and wireless based internet access and workstations.

The choice of the university, in this case has been done according to the reputation of the university, its credibility, its degree, its position in the market as well as on the basis of the facilities of provided by the university. The accommodation services provided by the university were also crucial, however the IT, learning and technical resources which were provided by the University took the first priority in the decision making process for determining the prospective choice of university one would want to attend for the undergraduate and post graduate studies.

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