Sample Essay

The security of the information is also a provision which is made by the third party. They put in place specific logs, checks and encryption as well as password protection to prohibit illegal information access. The security of the records management option here is in the hands of the company as a result they can make it as much secure as possible and within the budgetThe security provided by this software is usually excellent and the constant internet upgrades available enable us to upgrade the security features as well. The security features that are normally employed include firewall, encryptions and pass protection of the data.


The perforce of this option is also satisfactory however the unavailability of information due to problems with the integrating portal can result in a decrease in the performance level of this option.

The performance of this option is highly dependent on how much capable the team and the company is in terms of handling an addition business activity. However, in the long run the performance of this option is questionable.

The performance of the electronic records management software is highly satisfactory as its leaves the users free from hassles of record management enabling them to focus on strategic decision making and business activities.

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