Sample Essay

The Sears Holding Company is the market leader for the departmental stores sector of the global retail industry. The company is based in the United States and has about 2,300 full line stores along with speciality stores amounting to 1,100. (‘Sears Holding Corporation – Official Company Website’) The full line stores by the company offer a wide selection of products and product lines relating to merchandise goods, household appliances, home and garden gods, consumer durables, grocery and food . Entertainment and lifestyle products are also offered by the company.

The specialty stores however are dealer stores and hardware stores that provide products for the outdoors. The company has divided its business segments into three groups that pertain to Sears Canada, Kmart and Sears Domestic. The Kmart operations sell general merchandise while the Sears Domestic and the Sears Canada are the sears regional operations for the United States and Canada. The Sears Company has its own line of branded products that include Kenmore, Diehard and Craftsman that are sold through its various stores.

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