Sample Essay

Sears Company launched positioning strategies that focus on the brand of sears and inform the target market about its image, its persona and what the company and its brands stand for. The departmental store portrayed and embodied the image of a convenience based departmental store where all types of consumer products are stocked under one roof. The company launched positioning oriented marketing campaigns with the slogan ‘Sears. Where Else?’ that depicted that Sears departmental stores stock everything a person could possibly want.

The result that was experienced by the company due to the implementation of the positioning strategies pertained to significant increase in the sales and the profits for the company. “The September campaign start-up was seen as pivotal to position the chain for the holiday selling season that can account for up to 40% of a retailer’s annual profits. ‘We wanted to improve their inclination to shop Sears as we moved into the key selling season of the year,’ Selby says. The purpose was also to set Sears apart from its rivals with a clear, consistent image of its own, rather than just sell particular products.’ In the past, we were more inclined to sell Sears in pieces,’ says Selby. ‘This provides a … brand positioning that sells the totality of Sears.’” (Howard, 2002)

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