Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier the dry bulk market has been experiencing a boom in the past couple of years. This trend is predicted to continue on until 2025. However as we are to depict the scenario and scope for 2010, it can safely be assumed that the dry bulk market will be developing and increasing in 2010 as well. In fact the major changes that are taking place in the industry pertain to investment in projects for the upgrading of fleets in the industry by the Greeks and the Chinese. These people are investing heavily in projects which are supposed to be complete by 2010, making the scope for the dry bulk market in 2010 even more diverse and extensive.

 The main sources of coal are present in Australia, south Africa and south America, as countries in Europe as well as South and East Asian countries like China are depicting an increasing need for coal, and iron ore, the economic activity for the dry bulk market would be increasing in the following years, depicting a similar trend for the year 2010.

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