Sample Essay

Robert Moses was a master builder of the twentieth century. He was responsible for the redevelopment of theNew York City, the Westchester county as well as that of the Long Island. He was considered one of the most powerful and influential people from 1930s to 1950s. The main reason for this was because of the fact that he had 80,000 people working under him. His infrastructure and planning projects for the state were focused at developing the urban regions. However his projects did suggest the presence of racism and ignorance of the poor community.


Moses was the head of multiple public authorities which enabled him to exercise his influence on the different aspects of the state planning in the New York regions. he was mostly able to gain support for his projects form the construction firms, investment banks as well as labor union etc. one of his most prominent and significant projects was the Triborough Bridge and the Astoria park with the pool of water in its centre. The buildings and bridges made by Moses have now become topics of debate in the sociology of technology where the discussion pertains to his ideology and the politics that he employed in his career and the degree of racism and biasness he used in his urban city plans.

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