Sample Essay

The three main types of risks that threaten the security of any network, system or a computer pertain to the risks of confidentiality, integrity and availability. The confidentiality concept presents that the network has to be protected in order to safeguard the important and confidential data from those who should have access to it. The integrity aspect provides that the data stored and being shred on the network should be protected from modification from those who are not allowed to access or modify the data.

The third concept of availability provides that the access of information, data and network resources has to be protected and limited to only those who have been provided authorized access based on their need. “Some security risks arise from the possibility of intentional misuse of your computer by intruders via the Internet. Others are risks that you would face even if you weren’t connected to the Internet (e.g. hard disk failures, theft, power outages).” (‘Home Network Security’, 2001)

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