Sample Essay

The rewards and compensation system at Google Inc is set such that it motivates the employees towards the long term success of the organization and the attainment of its strategic goals and objectives. While monetary returns are sufficiently present, aside from this Google also provides its employees with day care, elder day care centers as well as salons treatments, oil changing options, latest technology and gadgets as well innovative stock options (‘Strategic HR Planning at Google Inc’, 2009).

An article by Yoskovitz quotes Jeff Nolan on the rewards and compensation of Google. Jeff Nolan mentioned that “the rewards angle is interesting to consider, but I believe that the best employee satisfaction strategy is to constantly remove barriers that get in people’s way. Google is really good about this with their engineers, they create an environment that is as friction free as possible for people to exercise their creativity, while at the same time working in concert to execute on Google’s mission” (Yoskovitz, 2008).

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