Sample Essay

The movie Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance is a one of a kind documentary which depicts the standoff between the government of Canada and the Mohawk Indians in the year 1990. The movie reveals how far the Mohawk population was willing to go to protect their land and the intrusion that was made by the Canadian government to thwart the efforts of the Mohawk.

The issue that is focused upon in the movie is the encroachment of the rights of the Mohawk and their land by other due to urbanization. The movie is based on the issue of land encroachment by the citizens ofQuebecon the Mohawk land in the 1930s. In the 1030s people from Quebec started playing golf on the land assigned to the Mohawk. However as the demand for the entertainment activity grew in the region, time witnessed further encroachment on o the Mohawk land where initially a nine whole golf course was made in 1947. By 1990 however developments were made to make the golf course into a eighteen whole golf course which meant further encroachment on the Mohawk land. The Mohawk community who owned the land however felt threatened and challenged in terms of their rights and possession. As a result they took their protests to the streets of Montreal. The whole of Canada witnessed the stand that the Mohawk took on the Mercier Bridge to protest the encroachment.

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