Sample Essay

The market share of the leading companies in the departmental store segment of the global retail industry for 2008 was such that Sears leaded the market with a market share of 11.10 percent, followed by Federal Departmental Stores with 8.10 percent, JC Penny with 5.60 percent and Kohl’s by 5.5 percent. (‘Industry Profile: Global Department Stores Industry Profile’, 2008) The rest of the companies come under the ‘Others’ segment that has a 69.70 percent share of the market.

The hypermarkets and the supermarkets segment of the global retail industry comprises of 30 companies. These 30 companies have retail operations in the format of a hypermarket or a super centre. The companies in this segment offer the customers with a complete range of diverse products to meet the general consumer needs under one roof. Wal-Mart is an example of a company which operates under the hypermarket and the supermarket format. The retail sector specific to hypermarkets and supermarkets is subdivided into super centres and superstores. As of 2008, the market share of the superstore sector was 55 percent while the market share of the super centres was 45 percent. (‘Industry Profile: Global Hypermarkets & Super Centres Industry Profile’, 2008)

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