Civil engineering has been attributed to responsiveness to the natural catastrophes. The ongoing floods in Asia have seen the water resources engineers coming up with designs that help to save lives within shortest of notices (Hagerty et al, 1996). The make shift bridges and dams to redirect the flowing waters are examples of how the field has been utilized to participate in more fulfilling way to the needs of the society awaiting long term solutions.

In the field of water resource engineering, the many advances have been made in the past century. As elucidated by Hagerty et al, This includes extensive research on the lead pipes that are set to in accordance with the natural laws to ensure homesteads, factories and other facilities access the commodity (1996). The world has come a long way since the invention of the scoop wheel to the modern day sophisticated pumps. Jessup illuminates most people often overlook the importance of such gadgets as valves which are very critical in the daily operations (1978, pg 156). It is imperative to realize how immense the field has developed the water distribution systems in numerous countries to address the initial inefficiencies in the water department in a more reliable and efficient way.

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