Sample Essay

A research undertaken by Entwisle in 1995 sought to highlight the role of the schools in sustaining early childhood program benefits. Through the research the author was able to provide that attending a preschool in actuality did have a positive effect on the performance of the children in their early school years. “Because attending preschool boosts children’s performance, even temporarily, it can ease their transition into first grade and reduce their exposure to negative tracking by the school and low expectations on part of their parents and teachers. The link between preschool and first grade is key to understanding and explaining long term effects of preschool” (Entwisle, 1995)

Similarly another article by McKey et al. (1995), focused on reporting the results of a study which collected and analyzed the intellectual performance of the children who undertook preschool based programs. The study conducted a control group based experiment where the performance of the control group was accessed against the performance of the group of students who had received preschool education through formal programs. The results of the research revealed that the children who took preschool programs were more likely to perform better at school and showed higher level of intellectual performance as opposed to those who did not.

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