Sample Essay

Research results have indicated that there exist high levels of drop outs from the boot camp programs who cite medical and disciplinary reasons for dropping out of the program. These dropouts usually tend to relapse as they are not held accountable as they were in the boot camps. This depicts that ion the event of no after care where no supervision in conducted on the boot camp graduates, the dropouts as well as the gradates tend to go back to their old behavioral patterns as they are not held accountable or conditioned long enough to have effective results.

Ashcroft, Daniels and Hart depict in their research that the boot camp method does result in positive attitudes, positive behavioral patterns and development of skills for the inmates while they are present in the boot camp. However after their release they tend to go back to their old behavioral patterns therefore increasing recidivism. The research also provided that 90 to 120 days in the boot camp were insufficient for positive results in recidivism. “The boot camps that did produce lower recidivism rates offered more treatment services, had longer sessions, and included more intensive post-release supervision. However, not all programs with these features had successful results” (Ashcroft et al, 2003). Aside from this no investment in the post release programming and lack of any after graduation supervision, surveillance and accountability negates any positive effect on recidivism. These issues mostly arise due to the lack of a string model underlying the boot camp program and establishment of unrealistic measures like achieving zero percent recidivism which make the program ineffective.

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