Sample Essay


The purpose of the proposed research study is to be able to analyze the marketing strategies that are employed by the retailer Tesco inChina. More specifically the role of sales promotion as used by the company to target the housewives of the Beijing city is analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the sales promotion, the change in consumer perception due to promotions, the changes in the consumer behavior as a result of the promotion and the contribution that it makes to the overall brand persona of Tesco.

Research Objectives

The aim of the research has been depicted above and the research objectives of the proposed research are as follows:

  1.  Identify the sales promotions strategies used by Tesco to target the customers inBeijing, particularly the urban housewives segment.
  2. Determine the relationship between the sales promotions; point of sale and in store strategies used by company with the Tesco Brand and its persona.
  3. Observe the possible effects that the sales promotion strategies implemented by Tesco inBeijinghave on the consumer purchase behavior, particularly for the housewives segment
  4. Determine the effectiveness of the sales promotions strategies used by observing the sale and revenue trend for Tesco.
  5. Recommend any possible marketing, advertising, branding and promotion strategies related to sales that can help Tesco better target their customers in China and attract them towards the products and services of the company

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